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CEC Membership
Click to view/download our CEC Ch. 99 Fall 2017 Flier with all of our current upcoming conferences. 

Many benefits are provided to CEC members, including discounts on attendance at workshops, attendance at the ICEC and CEC convention, ongoing information about what is happening, and other news.  

If you join at a meeting, you receive a $10 rebate from Chapter 99.

If you are a student and join at a meeting you receive a discount of $30.  

You can join at one of our meetings or you can go online to the CEC membership site at:

Upcoming CEC Conferences
 Thursday, February 15th, 4:30pm @ Hamilton's Banquet Hall
 "Crash Course in Understanding Trauma’s Effects on Today’s Children" 
presented by Nicole Goodall
  Nicole is an art therapist, a public school teacher, and a "trauma mama". 


Monday, March 12th, 4:30pm @ Hamilton's Banquet Hall
Why Am I Having Behavior Problems—Is it Something I’ve Done?

presented by Melinda Montgomery Burrows
  Melinda is a retired special educator with a wealth of experience in working
  with students with behavior problems.


Tuesday, April 17th, 4:30pm @ Hamilton's Banquet Hall
  CEC Ch. 99 Awards Banquet