Council for Exceptional Children Ch. 99
Th e voice and  vision  of special education.
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Welcome to CEC Ch. 99

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Welcome to the Council for Exceptional Children Chapter 99 's website.  CEC Chapter 99 represents the interests of children with special needs and provides support and training to families and educators.  

Our chapter is one of the earliest chapters in the United States and Canada and is one of the most active chapters in the state. CEC Chapter 99 provides many professional development opportunities through workshops on timely and relevant topics.  

Our chapter provides parent and paraprofessional scholarships to attend our workshops.  

We invite you to attend any of our trainings and become part of the CEC Chapter 99 team .

Click to view/download our CEC Ch. 99 Fall 2018  Workshops   with all of our current upcoming conferences. 


​​ Thurs, Sept. 13th, 4:30pm  
"Success for Individuals with Autism"   
by Barbara T. Doyle

​​ Thurs, Oct. 18, 4:30pm
 "Vision, Reading, Learning and Digital Eye Strain" 
by Dr. Timothy Cundiff

Tues, Nov. 13th, 4:30pm
“You Can’t Make Me: Working with Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorders”
by Dr. Timothy Cundiff

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